Smart Indexing

Greater Returns / Less Risk


ASYMmetric Smart Indexes are built on the philosophy of capital preservation, offering the potential for greater wealth creation with less risk. A capital preservation approach to investing leans into the power of compounding rates of return. Portfolios that avoid large losses do not need large gains to deliver the same or greater returns with less risk.

Risk Return Profile

2000 - 2022 Smart Equity Smart Alpha Smart Income Benchmark
Index ASYMmetric Smart
500 Index
ASYMmetric Smart
Alpha 500 Index
ASYMmetric Smart
Income Index
S&P 500 Index
Annualized Performance (ITD) 9.2% 14.5% 11.0% 6.2%
Maximum Loss -10.7% -39.1% -26.1% -50.9%
Worst Year -10.4% -39.1% -15.7% -37.0%
Down Years 2 6 4 6
Correlation 0.36 0.60 0.85 1.00
Yield 4.8% 1.9%

Source: ASYMmetric Investment Solutions, Bloomberg, Solactive

Cumulative Performance


Cumulative Index Performance

2000 - 2022

Source: ASYMmetric Investment Solutions, Bloomberg, Solactive

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