ASYMmetric Investment Solutions are designed to make money in bear markets. Protecting capital against catastrophic losses is our primary investment objective. Wealthy and institutional investors have known for decades that not losing money is the primary driver of wealth creation.

Bear Markets

The ASYMmetric 500 Index made money in the last two bear markets. ASPY was up 24% and 13.5% versus losses of -47% and -55% for the S&P 500 during the DOT-com Bust of the early 2000s and the Great Recession of 2008, respectively. The S&P 500 had to gain 100% to recover the near 50% losses suffered in both recessions. By not losing money, ASPY was ahead by 100%. This is why not losing money is so important to wealth creation.

DOT-com Bust

3/24/00 - 10/9/02

Source: ASYMmetric Investment Solutions, Bloomberg, Solactive

Great Recession

10/9/07 - 3/9/09

Source: ASYMmetric Investment Solutions, Bloomberg, Solactive

Major Market Corrections

The ASYMmetric 500 Index avoided the worst of the COVID Correction. The S&P 500 was down -24.2% at its low on March 23, 2020 versus +0.1% for the ASYMmetric 500 Index. We call this a sleep well approach to investing.


March 1-23, 2020
Source: ASYMmetric Investment Solutions, Bloomberg, Solactive

What are you doing to protect your portfolio from the next bear market?

ASYMmetric Risk Management Technology™ never sleeps so that you can.

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